We’re Officially Live!

Today is a day that still seems like a dream. I had the idea to start a podcast in late December 2018. My hope was to create a podcast that allowed pharmacists and anyone involved in pharmacy/critical care to have practical takeaways from subject matter experts about specific disease states, medications, or general professional development. From that hope grew “Pharmacy to Dose: The Critical Care Podcast.” Each episode will feature a special guest from across the country to discuss different topics across the spectrum of critical care and pharmacy.

Full episodes will start releasing later this month and will be subsequently released every two weeks on Wednesdays. Stop back here for pre- and post-show information including some background information on the topic, references we discuss on the episode, and pertinent guidelines/landmark studies. We will also have each episode’s transcription here to make referencing this valuable/practical information even easier.

We are live and available to download in the iTunes store:

Stitcher and Google Play will likely be available later this week with Spotify to follow. I’ll include links to all when they are available.

Find me on Twitter/Instagram: @PharmacyToDose or via email:

I promise I want to hear from each and every one of you! I’m excited to create a network of Pharmacists and Critical Care Practitioners across the country and hopefully even the world!

-Nick Peters

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