Show Notes

Sleep in the ICU

In addition to the podcast, I wanted to also have a website that accompanies it. Think of this website as a supplementary appendix combined with a highlight reel. I’ll post show transcriptions, recommended background readings (these mainly come from the guests), show highlights, time breakdowns (which are also in the episode description), and references to guidelines/some articles we discussed in the episode!

Much more information to come here in the next few days for this episode. However, in the mean time attached is a link to the Show Transcription. It’s a PDF (not a virus, I promise) that any and all can download!

Between the transcription and the time breakdown (below), going to back to re-listen to specific parts will be much easier!

0:00 – 4:55 – Show and Guest Introduction

4:55 – 10:00 – How did Mojdeh first become interested in sleep?

10:00 – 13:40 – Why is sleep disruption so bad for ICU patients?

14:11 – 15:31 – How does sleep deprivation affect clinical outcomes?

15:35 – 19:13 – How do we know ICU patients have issues with sleep?

19:45 – 24:38 – Is there a relationship between sleep deprivation and delirium?

24:50 – 30:30 – Risk factors for sleep deprivation

30:48 – 32:35 –PAD-IS guideline recommendations regarding sleep assessment?

32:37 – 34:00 – What do we use for sleep assessment currently?

34:00 – 37:12 – What options are available to assess sleep in ICU patients?

37:20 – 38:30 – Can we rely on family to bring up sleep-related issues?

38:45 – 44:15 – Non-pharmacologic management of sleep disruption

44:20 – 54:21 – Pharmacologic interventions for sleep promotion

54:30 – 55:45 – Managing the patient who takes BZD for sleep at home

55:45 – 58:10 – Does your approach change for patients with chronic insomnia?

58:12 – 60:09 – Importance of multi-disciplinary involvement with sleep

60:10 – 63:20 – Role of Pharmacist in Sleep Promotion

63:20 – 65:00 – Take-home points

65:00 – 66:45 – Good-bye and Show Outro

Can’t start a Thank You/Appreciation post without another massive THANK YOU to Mojdeh Heavner. I can’t say enough nice things about her. To have someone as intelligent and down-to-earth as Mojdeh for our first guest was an absolute gift. And if you really liked her discussion, you may be able to hear more from her at the 2020 SCCM Congress.

I also just want to thank everyone. The outpouring of support from those I know and equally from those I don’t has been tremendous, incredible, astounding. There’s not enough words to describe my feelings of optimism and positivity around this project. Everyone who has listened/downloaded these episodes is a Friend of the Pod and I’m so excited to see where we go from here!

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